PSC Result 2019 Date Time

PSC Result 2019

PSC Result 2019 date and time Bangladesh Primary Education DPE Gov Result 2019 will be published on 30 December 2019 officially. You can get PSC Exam Result 2019 from this page. You can check here the Primary Education Result.

Bangladesh Primary Education DPE Result 2019 will be published on 30th December 2019 for all education board. It will be published by the Bangladesh Education board. All Education board PSC Results 2019 BD will be published here, in this year 2019, PSC exam started on 17 November 2019. And the exam complete on 27 November 2019.

Here is one more education board focus on the examination of PSC. This is the Madrasah Education Board. Madrasah education board JDC / PSC exam 2019 start on Same date and time. The Madrasah Education board result published on this day. Lots of students attend this exam. More than 5 lakhs examine in this year.

All students attend by PSC institutions of Bangladesh. PSC examinations 2019 held on 1,389 centres into 8 general education boards of Bangladesh.

PSC Result 2019 Primary Education Board Bangladesh

Exam Name:PSC
Exam Start Date:17 November 2019
Exam End Date:24 November 2019
PSC Result Publish Date:30 December 2019

PSC Exam Result 2019

Here you can also get all board PSC Result 2019 of Bangladesh Education Board. At first, see below of all education board

  • PSC Result Dhaka Board
  • Sylhet Education Board PSC Results 2019 In Bangladesh
  • Www.Bmeb.Gov.Bd | Madrashah Result 2019 Madrasha Board
  • PSC Dinajpur Board
  • Comilla Board PSC Exam Result
  • Rajshahi Board PSC Results 2019
  • PSC Vocational Result Technical Education Board
  • Chittagong Board PSC Result
  • PSC Result Barisal Board
  • Jessore Board PSC Result

The PSC is the Largest Public Exam in Bangladesh Education Board. The PSC examination 2019 Started on the 19th November 2019 according to PSC Routine 2019  and it continued till the 30th November 2019. Generally, the PSC exam 2019 controlled and maintenance by the “Chairman” of Education board Bangladesh. There is 10 Education board available in BD. Eight education board is general Education Board and a Madrasah Education Board. The activity and process of all Education Board are different.

Here we have described the All available Education board name, Website Address, PSC Exam Result BD Publish date and some other activity about the BD PSC Result. Just read the below data to check PSC Exam Result Easily.

PSC Result 2019 Publish date

Do you know the PSC Result Publish date? Now a day, it is the most popular and common question asks by the people anywhere. But, you are lucky here to get more information about this. All the available information about PSC Results 2019 BD is still on a single post on here on our website.

We already informed you that, the PSC Exam 2019 Started on 17 November 2019 and completed on 24 November 2019. Now it is very important and necessary to know the PSC Examination result 2019 Publishing date of every student.

Generally, the Education Board made rules that Primary Education Result will publish on within 30 days after complete the exam. But this year will be simply different. The result will be published on 30 December 2019.

PSC Result publish date already announced. This year PSC Exam Result Publish Date is 30 December 2019. Everyone can check their PSC Exam Result on 30 December. Have a look the previous Result Publish Date.

Let’s check PSC Result Publish Date:

  • PSC Result 2016 Publish Date: 30 December
  • 2017 PSC Result Publish Date: 30 December 
  • PSC Result 2018 Date: 24 December 2018
  • PSC Result 2019 Publish Date: 30 December 2019 (Probably)

How to get PSC Result 2019?

After publishing the PSC Result, you will able to collect your result instant from the Internet of the official website of Bangladesh education board. The current session is the time of the internet. There is no place are available where the Internet is currently unavailable. So, you can easily collect your result from the Internet/Online. It is also important to know that, if you have any Internet Activated device, you can also collect the PSC Exam Result 2019 from this Device easily from anywhere any board for free.

If you want to collect your PSC Result from the Internet, just require to visit 1st the Bangladesh Education Board Result Archive. Do you know the Address or link of Education board BD Result portal? Don’t worry! There are two different official websites for Primary Education Result. Website Link Listed Below

  • 1st Official Website:
  • 2nd Official Website:
  • Alternative Website: All Result Net

Firstly learn how to check PSC Result Online from

1. PSC Result 2019 Online

First, visit the website address, you will look at a window where available some important categories. You need to select all the categories from the drop-down menu. And also require entering information on the blank box. 

  1. At first login:
  2. Then select “প্রার্থমিক শিক্ষা সমাপনী/ইবতেদায়ী শিক্ষা সমাপনী” on this option.
  3. And then select “2019” this year (পরীক্ষার সন)
  4. Then select “Division/বিভাগ” option.
  5. Now input District Name (জেলা)
  6. Then select your “Thana/Upzilla” (থানা/উপজেলা)
  7. After type “Roll number” your roll number of Board Exam.
  8. Now click on the “Submit (সমর্পন করুন)” button for PSC Result.

First, you just need to select Education type. Click on the drop-down menu and select PSC or EBT. Then select the PSC Exam or passing year from the drop-down menu.

Then chose your “Division Name” from the Dropdown menu. After that, you need to select your “District” Name and the “Upazila” Name. Now Input your Roll Number in the “রোল নম্বর” Option.

Finally, click on “সমর্পন করুন” Option to check PSC Result 2019 Online.

Online Method 2:

Do you know, Directorate of Primary Education (DPE) Board has two different websites to check PSC Result? I hope the Maximum Number of student haven’t any idea about this. But here you can get the details information about the second official website and result checking process.

This is the Second Method to check the PSC Exam Result Dhaka Board from the second official website.

That’s it.

2. PSC Result 2019 By SMS

Go to the message option of the desire Mobile phone you keep ready for sending Message for your PSC Result. The type DPE<space>PSC Roll Number <space>Enter the PSC Passing Year. Then send the message to 16222 numbers.

Then you will receive a feedback SMS with your Name and GPA. Please send the Message only After Published the PSC Result by Education Board (After 02:00 PM). Every successful SMS, you will be charge 2.50+ TK (With VAT + SD + SC).

Type DPE <–Space–>3453714<–Space–> 2019 and send to 16222 this number.

Example: DPE 3453714 2019 → Send to 16222


  • DPE <Space>Thana Code <Space> Roll Number and send to 16222

It is another popular query of PSC Results 2019 Collection. Anyone can easily collect their own friends and family person’s PSC Result by SMS within a simple process. Just, you need a mobile. The people who situated so far from the Internet can follow this way to get your PSC Result. 1st Recharge your Mobile Account and keep sufficient balance to start the process (2.50+ Taka).

SMS format for Ebtedayee students:

EBT<space>Thana/Upazila Code Number<space>Roll Number<space>Send to 16222

Example: EBT47 66091 and send 16222

How t If you use “Teletalk” sim card to get your result from mobile SMS, so you can get your result instantly. Because this mobile SMS result system is Powered By Teletalk.

3. PSC Result Android Apps

You can collect your PSC Result by the Android Apps. This method is only applicable for Smartphone users. If you have an Android Smartphone, you are able to follow these conditions to collect your result easily. The Process of PSC Exam Result collection by the Android Apps (Smartphone users) is very easy like the PSC Result  Collection process via the Online Internet.

If you don’t have an Android Apps pre-installed on your Smartphone, Just Visit the Google Play store and install the BD Result Apps (Powered by Teletalk Bangladesh limited). After successful installation, just follow the instruction of How to get PSC Result from the Internet and try yourself. We hope that you can easily collect your PSC Exam Result with a simple process.

PSC Result 2019 Dhaka Board

PSC Result 2019 Dhaka Board published December 2019 on Education Board Result website and Dhaka board official website. education board result official website is and Dhaka board official website is When you need to see PSC Exam Result for Dhaka board you have to select the following steps.

Here is the “Result” Getting Process

  • First Visit on >>
  • Click on “PSC/EBT”
  • Select “Year”
  • Select “Division”
  • Now select “District”
  • Chose “Thana”
  • Type “Roll Number”
  • Finally, click on “Get Result” option

That’s it. After complete the above task, you can get your result shortly.

PSC Result Dhaka Board by Mobile SMS

At first, type your examination name and make space board name only 3 latter space roll number and send to 16222. Example:

First, go to the “Message” option from your mobile, then type the following keywords

  • DPE <Space> Student ID Send to 16222

Example: DPE 6544654471464 >>> Send to 16222


  • DPE <Space>Thana Code <Space> Roll Number and send to 16222
EBT Result 2019 Madrasah Board

EBT Result also known as PSC Result Madrasah Board. Dakhil Result 2019 also published in December 2019. Bangladesh educational sectaries Sohrab Hossain announce the result to date. Madrasah board has a big number of Alim applicants. Bangladesh has only on Madrasah board. PSC Result Madrasah Board or EBT Result published on public result published the official site.

Alim Result 2019 Via online

Alim Result 2019 will be publishing on official website. Are you desire to know how can get you PSC Result? There was an easy way to PSC Result from the website. visit:  you can see the result publish from. And you have to put in sequence on Result from for getting the result. Example:

Here is the “Result” Getting Process

  • First Visit on >>
  • Click on “PSC/EBT”
  • Select “Year”
  • Select “Division”
  • Now select “District”
  • Chose “Thana”
  • Type “Roll Number”
  • Finally, click on “Get Result” option

That’s it. After complete the above task, you can get your result shortly.

EBT/PSC Result Via Mobile SMS

Alim/PSC Result will be published also by Bangladeshi Mobile operator. For Madrasah education board PSC Result you need a mobile. If you don’t know how to see PSC Result via mobile SMS than You can follow this format to get EBT Result 2019. First, go to the “Message” option from your mobile, then type the following keywords

  • DPE <Space> Student ID Send to 16222

Example: DPE 6545465464 >>> Send to 16222


  • DPE <Space>Thana Code <Space> Roll Number and send to 16222
PSC Result Dinajpur Board

PSC Result 2019 Dinajpur Board will be published Dinajpur Board board official website of Dinajpur Board. Dinajpur Board Education board Result also publishes on the same date as PSC Result. There is another way to see PSC Result. There are from the website, Mobile SMS and Android apps. If you are unable to get PSC Result using three methods. Then you may collect Result from your own Institute.

PSC Result 2019 Dinajpur Board Via Online |

PSC Result Dinajpur Board published December 2019 on Education Board Result website and Dinajpur Board official website. Education board result official website is and Dinajpur Board board official website is

Here is the “Result” Getting Process

  • First Visit on >>
  • Click on “PSC/EBT”
  • Select “Year”
  • Select “Division”
  • Now select “District”
  • Chose “Thana”
  • Type “Roll Number”
  • Finally, click on “Get Result” option

That’s it. After complete the above task, you can get your result shortly.

PSC Result 2019 Dinajpur Board Via Mobile SMS

Dinajpur Board PSC Result published also by Bangladeshi Mobile operator. For Dinajpur Board PSC Result you need a mobile. If you do not know how to see Result by mobile SMS than You can follow this format to get Dinajpur Board Result 2019. First, go to the “Message” option from your mobile, then type the following keywords

  • DPE <Space> Student ID Send to 16222

Example: DPE 6545465464 >>> Send to 16222


  • DPE <Space>Thana Code <Space> Roll Number and send to 16222

PSC Exam Result

PSC examination 2019 start November 2019. Primary School Certificate (PSC) exam result publishes on 24th December. Many students attend this examination. Most of the student waits to attend this exam for a long time. The student should not pass their test exam on their School. And they wait for next year. In this year, 1500000+ lakh students participate in the PSC exam in 2019. In here to see how may get exam result on PSC? Here we discuss the exam subject & date in 2019.

This is the sort list of PSC exam 2019. The student must be prepared for their exam. Unfortunately, you collect this routine on October 1st week in 2019. The Alim exam student finished their exam at the same time. We think your exam as well. Now you should see your exam result. Please follow the rules what we say on up.

PSC Result 2019 All Education Board

PSC (Primary School Certificate) 2019 is handling by Bangladesh education board. Every year this PSC exam starts on April month. So many students attend this exam every year. More than 500000 examine attend the exam this year. There are boys and girls students. After a passing year, this amount is highly buildup. These large amounts of student give exams on 3,094 centers under the 10 board. In this year, the PSC Exam starts on 17 November 2019. And the exam finished on 24 November 2019. After the two months, the PSC exam result published.

This means every year in May month PSC Exam Result will be published. In the day of my month exam result published. In this day, the Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid takes the result sheet. He hands over the sheet to Prime Minister of Bangladesh at 11 pm. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh received the sheet. After 1 pm published the PSC Result. And after 2 pm the student collects their result. Students should collect their result by mobile SMS & the internet.


Finally, no more word require the PSC Result 2019 Primary Education Board. We hope you successfully understood and gain our PSC Result content. Thanks for staying with us. If you face any problem to get your result, so contact with us Via comment box. Good Luck!!!

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