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Sultan’s Dine Denied allegation regarding Dog or Cat Meat in Biriyani

After a consumer named Kanak Rahman Khan raised questions about the meat served at Sultan’s Dine, the issue went viral on Social Media. He claimed that Sultan’s Dine served Dog or Cat meat instead of mutton.

Once the post is widely shared on Facebook, a lot of people are criticizing the restaurant. On other hand, some Facebook users are also alleging that Sultan’s Dine was serving meat from other animals in their dishes.

In this incident, the authority at the Gulshan-2 Sultan’s Dine’s Branch said about the issue. The authority stated that the complaint was directed at a particular location. The marketing communication officer, Bobby Rani Das of the Branch told to the media that, the complaint is fake.

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According to the Marketing Officer, the allegation that Dog or Cat meat instead of mutton was served in the Biriyani dishes was impossible from our side. She also said that the accusations were baseless. Sultan’s Dine is the most popular and well-respected brand and the restaurant takes care importantly to ensure the quality along with safety of its food.

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