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Sultan’s Dine Alleged Serving Dog or Cat Meat in Kachchi Biryani

Sultan’s Dine is famous for Kachchi biryani in Dhaka. Recently, Sultan’s Dine Alleged Serving other animal meat, probably Dog or Cat Meat in Kachchi biryani. Kanak Rahman Khan, a consumer raised question about the Kachchi Meat of the Restaurant.

Kanak claimed that there will be other animal meat in the Kachchi. He highlighted the issue in the Facebook post. Later, the topic went viral across the country.

He stated, last Thursday I brought Seven Kachchi’s of Sultan’s Dine. He debuts when he sees the meat bones while eating, it is definitely not mutton. The bones of mutton are not thin like this. Then Kanak called the official number of Gulshan-2 of Sultan’s Dine.

I asked what meat it was. They both sent food again along with AGM Ashraf. This time I ask them to compare the new Kachchi with the bones from the previous packet of meat. AGM Ashraf refuses to accept the issue. He said, we knowingly do not give such meat.

Later they said, the vendor who gives them the meat, can actually do anything.

I ask them again, the big brands like you do not have a quality checking officer while buying meat from Vendors? Do you see both meat same?

This time they asked the opposite question, so what do you want to settle the matter with? So, indirectly offers money and says if you make trouble, we also know what to do.

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