Singer Tasrif Khan Affected by Facial Paralysis, Here’s Facebook Live

Singer Tasrif Khan a few days ago, is Affected by Facial Paralysis. The popular singer of the young generation, who also worked on the Sylhet Flood and helped many people, officially confirmed the matter on his Facebook Page for his fans and well-wishers.

There is bad news for the fans of the popular Singer, Tasrif Khan. The singer is suffering from physical illness. For this reason, one side of his face is slightly curved.

Tuesday (March 7, 2023), Tasrif Khan officially said this on his verified Facebook Page.

As per the report, Singer Tasrif Khan is Affected by Facial Paralysis. The singer officially confirmed the matter through his verified Facebook Page. He said, that one side of his face is slightly curved. As a result, he is not able to speak properly.

Tasrif Khan told me that the doctor is still unable to say anything for sure about when he will get rid of this. It can be said after at least one month of treatment. “I have been asked to take complete rest for a couple of months. As a result, I will not able to do work on any song before Eid”, said the singer.

One side of the face is slightly bent, said Tasrif while describing the illness to his fans. “I noticed the matter three days ago. Although, the problem is not visible from the front side. But, it is visible while talking. The doctor said that most of the people affected by Facial Paralysis recover completely” he added.

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