Ramadan Calendar 2021 Bangladesh: Sehri & Iftar Timing (All-District)

রমজানের সময়সূচি, Ramadan Calendar 2021 BD সেহরী, ইফতার ও নামাজের সময়সূচি is the most important for Islam Religious People. Our website team tries to describe all the necessary information about Ramadan. Everything you have needs to know about Ramzan. So guys read the full article below to learn more about this.

Ramadan Calendar 2021

This year Ramadan will start on 13 April 2021 according to the Islamic calendar. Today here you will get Ramadan Dates 2021, Ramadan Schedule 2021Ramadan 2021 BD, First Day of Ramadan, Last Day of Ramadan, and Rules of Ramadan. You can also get the full date & time of Ramadan 2022, 2023, 2024.

Ramadan Calendar 2021

It is the most important thing for Muslim Religion people. When is Ramadan? This year Ramadan month will start on Friday, 13 April 2021. The first day of fasting will be confirmed on 24 April according to Saudi Arabia. And Ramadan will ends after 29 or 30 Days on Saturday, 12 May 2021.

Festival NameRamadan
Start Date13 April 2021
End DateComing Soon
DayComing Soon

This date is confirmed by the Islamic calendar 2021. Our Ramadan Time Table collected from the “islamicfinder.org”. But Dates may vary. It will continue for 29 days or 30 days. You can get details idea of Ramadan using following Ramadan Calendar 2021:

Note: Ramzan 2021 will start on 13 April 2021 in India and Bangladesh. (Dates may vary)

Ramadan 2021 Dates

We have already discussed that Ramadan is the most important month of the Islamic calendar. Ramadan will start and it will end on according to the above date and time. But it is simple different in India and Bangladesh.

According to the Ramadan Calendar 2021, Ramadan 2021 will start on 13 April in Bangladesh & India. It is expected to begin on Tuesday evening, 13 April 2021 (according to Saudi Arabia). And as you guys know that Indian and Bangladeshi Local time is different than Saudi Arabia.

Note: Ramadan date is 13 April in Bangladesh

Hijri 1442 Ramzan 2021 Sehri & Iftar Timing সেহরী, ইফতার ও নামাজের সময়সূচি

When is Ramadan 2021 and what are the rules for fasting for Islamic holy month. Looking for Ramadan Dates, Schedule 2021. Ramadan is the month for hard prayer. During the festival month, Muslim peoples slogan from drinking, eating, smoking, and sexual intercourse during the daytime.

They will enjoy a feast of food in the evening time. Ramadan 2021 dates, timetable in the USA, UK, India, Bangladesh is also different. Every year, Muslim religious peoples observe the Ramadan festival. The date of Ramadan is also very important. Because Ramadan is divided into three types. You may download Ramzan সাহরী ও ইফতারের সময়সূচি for Dhaka District from here.

This Time-Table for Dhaka
Ramzan Calendar 2021
Ramadan 2020 Calendar
  • Sehri with the same time of Dhaka: Narayanganj, Munshiganj, Tangail, Chandpur.
  • Iftar with the same time of Dhaka: Gazipur, Netrokona, Pirajpur and Madaripur.

সাহরী ও ইফতারের সময়সূচি সকল জেলার Ramzan 2021

I have shared Dhaka District (Sheri with Dhaka: Narayanganj, Munsiganj, Tangail, Chandpur) Iftar and Sheri 2021 Full-Time Table in the above image. But you may also know that; the time is also different in other Districts in Bangladesh.

Now you may download the official Ramadan Calendar 2021 from below for your own District.

Ramadan Calendar 2020

According to the above calendar, Ramadan will start on 25 April in Bangladesh. The Ramadan calendar is approved by the Islamic Foundation of Bangladesh. And the very fast Ramadan/Roza starts with taking Sehri at 4:05 am.

Also Download: Ramadan Mubarak Images

Ramadan Date Time for India


Rules for Ramzan

Some rules need to be followed during Ramadan. They are:

  • During the month of Ramadan, Muslims let go of the worldly pleasures and fast with their family and friends.
  • Five daily prayers are observed every day from dawn to night.
  • Fasting is obligatory for adult Muslims, except those who are chronically ill, pregnant, breastfeeding, menstruating or diabetic.
  • Muslims refrain from consuming food, liquid, smoking and intimacy with their spouses during Ramadan.
  • They also do not indulge in any kind of false speech, insulting, cursing, lying, and fighting, which may negate the reward of fasting.
  • Zakat or charity is obligatory in Islam. During Ramadan, the poor are helped. Zakat is a fixed percentage of the person’s savings that is donated. Sadaqah is a voluntary charity in giving above and beyond what is required from the obligation of zakat.

Ramadan Wishes 2021

We know that, Ramadan is the most important month of Islamic Calendar and prayer time for all Muslim people. This year Ramadan will begin on 13 April 2021. So Ramadan is very near. This reason we include lots of Ramadan Mubarak Wishes, SMS, Greetings for everyone. You can collect all your wishes and SMS for free.

Are you looking for Ramadan Mubarak Wishes, SMS, Greetings? So don’t worry! You are coming to the right place. Because here we have shared a lot of wishes for you. You can wish Ramadan 2021 to your family, relatives and friends like Ramadan 2021 images. So collect Ramadan Wishes from below

Wishes, SMS, Greetings

Here we have included Inspirational and Lovely Ramadan Wishes messages for the Ramadan. Feel free to collect these wishes and feel free to share Happy Ramadan Wishes with your family, relative, friends and loved ones. You may also like our Ramadan 2021 Wallpaper in our previous page.

  • On the month of Ramadan,
    I’m wishing you 4 weeks of blessings,
    30 days of clemency,
    and 720 hours of enlightenment.
    Happy Ramadan!
Ramadan Mubarak Wishes 2020
  • My friend, Welcome to the month of Ramadan. And hoping you will keep a distance from all kind of sinful behavior. Make increase offering of Salat and recitation of the Holy Quran. Wishing you all blessings.
  • As the auspicious month of Ramadan starts,
    may the crescent-shaped moon brighten
    your path toward enlightenment and
    may Allah bless you with peace and grace.
    Wishing you a Happy Ramadan!
  • May Allah save you from the influence of Devil and the divine blessings of Almighty Allah protect and guide you. My mate, Have a peaceful and happy Ramadan! May Allah keep you in blessings.
  • As the crescent moon is sighted…
    And the holy month of Ramadan begins…
    May Allah bless you with happiness
    grace your home with warmth & peace!
  • A glass of Care,
    A plate of Love,
    A spoon of Peace,
    A fork of truth and
    A bowl of Duass.
    Mix with spice of QURAAN.
    Enjoy the meal.
    Ramadan Mubarak!!!

SMS Wishes

  • You are not alone.Allah is always with you,to guide you and love you.Happy Ramzan.
  • May the crescent moonbe your guiding light,and its power,fill your life with,peace and grace.Ramzan Mubarak
  • On the month of Ramadan,I’m wishing you 4 weeks of blessings,30 days of clemency,and 720 hours of enlightenment.Happy Ramadan!
  • “This Ramadan, I pray for your wellness and
    sending loads of prayers your way.
    Happy Ramadan”
  • It’s the month when the devils are chained, 
    the gates of hell are closed and those of paradise are opened.
    It’s the month the holy prophet used to pray to witness.
    It’s the blessed month of ramadhan.
    May Allah shower his blessings and
    grant you forgiveness in this holy month.
  • As the auspicious month of Ramadan starts,may the crescent-shaped moon brightenyour path toward enlightenment andmay Allah bless you with peace and grace.Wishing you a Happy Ramadan!
  • “As we reach out to Allah through fasts and prayers,
    this Ramadan, may He enlighten your heart and soul.
    Ramadan Mubarak”
  • As you fasts and offers prayers to Allah,may you find your peace and happiness.Have a peaceful and happy Ramadan!
  • Ramadan Mubarak to all. Let’s rejoice as once again,our prayers will be answered.May Allah let us reap the fruits of our hard work.
  • With the beginning of Ramadan, may your home be filled with the atmosphere of love and mirth.May your life be as wonderful as you are throughout the year.Ramadan Mubarak!
  • May this Ramzan bringendless moments ofjoy and happinessin your life.Ramzan Mubarak.

Ramadan Mubarak Greetings 2021

  • “Welcome the month of Ramadan with the heart filled with peace,
    harmony and joy.
    May the divine blessings of Allah protect and guide you.”
  • “As the month of Ramadan starts, talk respectfully,
    treat others kindly, walk modestly and pray sincerely.
    May Allah bless you and your family”
  • May the Spirit of Ramadan stay in our hearts and illuminate our soul from within. Happy Ramadan!
  • I hope you will achieve the purification of the soul upon commemorating the month of Ramadan. Wishing you a blessed and happy Ramadan!
  • Your sincere prayers, your devotion, your faith in Allah, will make you a better human to serve this society with wisdom and truth. Happy Ramadan.
  • May forgiveness be granted to you by our mighty Allah. Repent and be saved! Happy Ramadan!

Ramadan 2021 – 2025 Date & Time in the USA, UK

Now let’s check Ramadan Date & Time of 2020 to 2024 in the USA, UK, Dubai.

  • Ramadan 2021: Ramadan Start Date 12th April & End Date 11th May 2021
  • Ramadan 2022: Ramadan Start Date 2nd April & End Date 1st May 2022
  • Ramadan 2023: Ramadan Start Date 22nd March & End Date 20th April 2023
  • Ramadan 2024: Ramadan Start Date 10th March & End Date 8th April 2024
  • Ramadan 2025: Ramadan Start Date 28th February & End Date 29th March 2025

[Note: Dates may vary]

About Ramadan

Ramadan word comes from the Arabic root Ramida. Which tells us scorching heat or dryness. Ramadan is also known as Ramadhan or Ramzan. The month is one of the biggest festivals of the Muslim religion. 

We hope all Muslim Religion people know about this. Ramadan is the ninth (9th) month of the Islamic calendar. It is observed by Muslim Religion people worldwide. It is the month of fasting (Sawm) to commemorate the 1st revelation of the Quran to Muhammad. It is the most important month of Islamic Calendar for Muslims. Source: Wikipedia


Well, that’s was all about Ramadan Calendar 2021 for Bangladesh and India. We hope you guys successfully understood and gain our article. If you have any questions or suggestions for us about Ramadan 2021 Dates, Schedule, so feel free to contact us. You may use the “Contact” page to contact us or you may use the “Comment Box” below. Thank you so much for being with us.

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