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Panchagarh Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price (2023 Update)

Panchagarh Express Train Schedule And Ticket Price in 2023: The Panchagarh Express brand new non-stop Tain in Bangladesh and it starts its journey on 25th May 2019 according to Bangladesh Railway. Anyway, Today I am going to share all information about Panchagarh Express Train.

The Train number 793/794 and it will run from Panchagarh, Dhaka, Panchagarh. Break stations Panchagarh, Thakurgaon, Dinajpur, Parbotipur, Airpot, and Dhaka. Here is the details information about this Train, Train Schedule, Ticker Process and How to buy its ticket online by Rail Sheba App.

Panchagarh Express Train Schedule

Do you want to know Panchagarh Express Train Schedule and Ticket Price? So you are enter on the right place. Because here I am going to share all the information about this Train include Schedule, price and many more. This article written by our writer who live in Dinajpur.

Panchagarh Express Train Info

Train Name:Panchagarh Express
Train Number:793/794
Route:Panchagarh – Dhaka – Panchagarh
Train Type:Non-Stop
Ticket Booking System:Online and Offline
Journey Start Time12:10 AM

Panchagarh Express Train Schedule:

Schedule or Time Table is a very important fact for every Train traveler. Panchagarh Express Journey starts at 12:10 AM. Here I have included this Train Schedule from Dhaka to Panchagarh and Panchagarh to Dhaka. I hope the following table will help you to know better about the train schedule.

Panchagarh Express Dhaka to Panchagarh

Journey Start Time:12:10 AM
Dhaka Airport:12:42 AM
Parbatipur:07:00 AM
Dinajpur:07:37 AM
Thakurgaon:08:55 AM
Panchagarh (Will Reach)09:40 AM

Panchagarh Express Panchagarh to Dhaka

Panchagarh:01:15 PM
Thakurgoan:01:53 PM
Dinajpur:03:02 PM
Parbatipur:03:55 PM
Dhaka Airpot:10:03 PM
Dhaka (Reach):10:35 PM

So, in the above tables, I have described all the schedule of Panchagarh Express Train according to the official source. It will help everyone to know the Schedule of this train. Now it is time to share Ticket price.

Panchagarh Express Train Ticket Price

I hope you guys will be very excited to know the Ticket Price. As I already mentioned that, this is Bran new train officially launched by Bangladesh Railway. There are three different classes available on this train. Shovan Chair, AC Cabin, AC Chair. Here is the details Ticket Price this Train.

FromToClass/TypeFare/ Ticket Price
DhakaPanchagarhShovan Chair550 BDT
DhakaPanchagarhAC Cabin1942 BDT
DhakaPanchagarhAC Chair1053 BDT
DhakaThakurgaonShovan Chair520 BDT
DhakaThakurgaonAC Cabin1833 BDT
DhakaThakurgaonAC Chair989 BDT
DhakaDinajpurShovan Chair465 BDT
DhakaDinajpurAC Cabin1649 BDT
DhakaDinajpurAC Chair892 BDT
DhakaParbatipurShovan Chair440 BDT
DhakaParbatipurAC Cabin1563 BDT
DhakaParbatipurAC Chair840 BDT

Note: Same price from Dhaka to Panchagarh and Panchagarh to Dhaka.

Coach and Seat Format

This train has a total of 12 Coach. It has one has AC Cabin and One AC chair, Total 7 Shovan Chair, Power Car and Prayer rooms, Guard Break and 2 Food Coach. There are total Seats are 896 from Panchagarh and 871 from Dhaka. 30% of Seats are reserved for the Panchagarh, 25% For Thakurgaon and 30% for Dinajpur and 15% For Parbatipur respectively.

Facilities of this train
  • There is no Off Day. It will be working on 7 days of the week.
  • Advanced Quality Brand New Coach
  • Break stations Panchagarh, Thakurgaon, Dinajpur, Parbotipur, Airpot, and Dhaka.
  • Bio toilet will be there, and anyone can use it event train stop in stations.
  • There will some digital display that helps to know the train location through the display.
  • The train rick Panchagarh beige. So this will be sprayer, washing, and washing in Panchagarh.
  • It has own catering service like Banalata by Bangladesh Railway.
How to By Ticket from home?

Do you want to buy this Train Ticket from your home? Don’t worry dear! You can easily able to buy from your Android Phone or PC. Recently, Bangladesh Railway launched “Rail Sheba App” for Android users. It will help every to buy train ticket online through their phone.

Firstly, you have to install the official app from Google Play. After that, create an account. Account creation is free. Just you need to provide your real information. After that, buy a train ticket from your Phone.

Payment Process:

You can pay the Rain Ticket Bill from your Android Phone via VISA, Master Card. If you don’t have a master card, so don’t worry! The bkash payment system included in the app. So anyone can buy any train ticket from home.

Wrapping Up

This is the final word of this article. Here I have described all the information about Panchagarh Express Train Schedule, Train Ticket. I hope you guys successfully understood it. I think there is no confusion about this train. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. I will try to reply to you very soon. Please try to share this article with your friend circle through Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Thank you so much for visiting All Result Net.

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