#fifaworldcup2023 Now Trending on Facebook, Showing 1.3 Million Posts


A new hashtag #fifaworldcup2023 became a trending topic on Facebook. Millions of users from Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan are talking about this. As per the report, about 1.3 million posts have mentioned this hashtag so far Nowadays, a lot of content went viral on various social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. Most recently, Rohan … Read more

Rohan and Nandita issue Trending in Bangladesh after the Expose

Rohan and Nandita News

Rohan and Nandia both are trending topics in Bangladesh. The thing went viral in the country when Nandita Priyadarshini expose his male best friend MUZAHIDUL ISLAM Rohan. As per the report, a girl named Nandia Priyadarshini (নন্দিতা প্রিয়দর্শিনী) posted a status on her Facebook account regarding the Rohan Expose topic. She wrote “I was unable … Read more