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GST Admission Result 2021; A Unit Result Published Online, Full Guide

News Published on 21st October 2021: Integrated Admission System GST Admission Result 2021 PDF for All Units. Now, GST Admission Test Result 2021 is a trending topic in Bangladesh. All the students (Who applied for admission) waiting for the result. In fact, today you will get known and unknown information GST Result 2021.

GST Admission Result 2021 News

In this article, we’ll provide you with GST Admission Result 2021 for All Units, what to do after Admission Test Result, and more.

GST Admission Result 2021: Session 2020-21

The government has taken a firm stand in introducing a bunch system in public university admissions – this is good news. The universities have decided how the admission test will be done in the cluster system in 20 universities. This test of 100 marks will be in multiple-choice questions (MCQ). There will be three separate examinations for Science, Humanities, and Business Education (Commerce) based on the syllabus of the higher secondary. There will be no separate test as before for the change of category.

In other words, a student who is willing to be admitted will get the opportunity to be admitted according to his / her qualifications with an examination. Through this test, one can get admission in one’s own department as well as other departmental subjects. That is how the thematic seats will be kept.

Jagannath University Vice-Chancellor Professor Mizanur Rahman, who is in charge of the joint convener of the group-based admission test activities in these universities, gave this information in the first light. All the universities will have test centers. Students will be able to choose the test center at their convenience.

Preliminary application for cluster admission test has started from 1st April 2021 to 15th April 2021. The final application will start again from 24th April to 20th May 2021. At the time of the final application, students have to list at least 5 out of 31 test centers. You will not get any opportunity to change the scheduled test center.

GST Admission Result 2021 Publish Date

We hope the maximum number of candidates will be looking for the GST Selection Result. Because the application has been ended. If you also want to know about this, so this topic will help you to get the necessary information.

As per the circular, GST Admission Application has been ended on 15 April 2021. We know that University Authority trying to publish the Primary Selection Result within a few days. So, GST Admission Result 2021 has been published on 20th October 2021 for Integrated 20 University.

How to check GST Result 2021?

Each university of GST will notify applications with their own references through separate admission notices. Only students participating in the admission test can apply. Universities will complete the admission process in management according to the unit-based merit.

Before that, every candidate needs to check their result. Do you know how to check GST Result 2021 for Primary Selection? Well, you will get the appropriate way to get your result.

Download Result Online

Online is the best way to check any result. You might know that while submitting your application. So, you also know that anyone can get their result online. In this case, the GST Official Website is the only way to get your result. But we also uploaded the official result file on our website. Anyone can download GST Result 2021 PDF directly from here.

In addition, if anyone wants to get their result from the official website, so they can read the following steps.

1. First of all, visit the official website of GST Admission. You may directly enter the website by clicking the link gstadmission.ac.bd.

2. You will get a new window like the following picture.

GST Selection Result 2021

3. Now, find out the recent notice about the result. The notice must available at the right side of this website. Simply click on the notice. Then the downloading process will start automatically.

So, that was GST Admission Result Checking System Online. We hope you may succeed to get your result by applying the above steps. If you face any problem getting your result, so we would suggest you write the comment using the comment box below. We will reach you soon.

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However, if you want to get your result via Mobile SMS, so read the following method.

Check Result By Mobile SMS

If you failed to collect GST Preliminary Result via Online, so there is no need to worry! We have also another way. You may apply this to get your result.

Before moving further, make sure you have a sufficient balance on your account. Otherwise, you may recharge your account. After that, open the SMS App on your Smart Phone or go to SMS Menu from other phones. Then write the following keywords and send the SMS to the official number.

GST Selection Result 2021 for Admission

Preliminary application notification declares for the first-year undergraduate admission test of 2020-21 sessions. Only for general and science and technology universities of the country. The application for the admission test, which will be held on a cluster basis for the first time.

The application will end at 11:59 pm on April 15. Humanities, science, and commerce — these three sections will be tested in three days. Students do not have to pay any fee for the initial application. Those who have passed HSC and equivalent examinations in 2019 and 2020 will be able to apply.

However, students must have a minimum GPA of 6.00 for the science, a minimum GPA of 6.50 for the commerce branch. And a minimum GPA of 6.00 for the humanities Group in the SSC and HSC exams. Students of each group should have minimum GPA-3.5 in SSC and HSC examinations separately.

The results of the students eligible to participate in the admission test on the basis of merit among the initial applicants. The final application will be announced on the admission website after the preliminary result. Each student will have to take a single admission test related to his / her HSC or equivalent examination department (Science, Humanities, and Commerce). Must apply in two stages.

  1. Initial application
  2. Final application

Preliminary Result of GST Admission System

In the academic year 2020-21, a notification has been published regarding the admission test for the 1st year of graduation (honors) of 20 universities. The notification signed by Ohiduzzaman also discloses the eligibility of initial application for admission, schedule of admission test, and other important dates of admission test.

The new website was inaugurated at noon on Thursday at the fifth meeting of the Technical Sub-Committee on Admission Tests in the cluster system of General, Science, and Technology (GST) universities. The official website www.gstadmission.ac.bd was inaugurated by Shahjalal University of Science and Technology Vice-Chancellor Professor Farid Uddin Ahmed.

Applicants started applying through this website at 12 noon. But more than 20,000 applicants have completed the application process till the afternoon. Students will be able to apply for the exam till 12 noon on April 15. Earlier, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Digital University Vice-Chancellor and Technical Sub-Committee Convener Professor Munaj Ahmed Noor presided over the meeting. Kamal Uddin Ahmed and teachers and officials of the cluster universities were present.

As per the notice, the Preliminary examinations will be held on June 19 for A unit (science). June 26 for the B unit (humanities) and July 3 for the C unit (commerce). The one-hour test will start at 12 noon and will continue till 1 pm.

What is GST Admission?

The decision of integrated admission test of public universities has approved. This year the admission test willheld through the cluster system according to the category. Although Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, and Jahangirnagar universities did not agree with this. The admission test will be held in batches with other universities to alleviate the suffering of the students.

Most importantly, the suffering of the admitted students and their parents will be alleviated if the admission test is done in a batch system. It may be mentioned that in the existing system, students need to buy the admission form separately for each university. After that, they need to participate in the admission test at the particular university.

The best aspect of the admission test is that no student will harass. The cluster system can also play an effective role in stopping the leaking of question papers and fraud in the admission tests. In other words, taking all the tests in this way is positive.


Well, that was all about GST Admission Result 2021 for Integrated Admission System of 20 University. Here we had shared most necessary information for our valuable readers. We hope this article will help them to check it out their result.

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