Dinajpur Ramadan Timings 2021

Dinajpur Ramadan Timings 2021: If you live in Dinajpur District, and want to know When is Sehri or Iftar today in Dinajpur District for Ramadan 2021? So we are here to provide you the Ramadan Calendar 2021 for Dinajpur District. As you might know, this year Ramadan will start on 14 April 2021. That’s why the huge number of people who are from Dinajpur, they looking for the Seheri and Iftar Time-Table.

In this case, we are going to provide Today Sehri, Iftar Time 2021 for Dinajpur District for holy Ramadan Month. We hope everyone will be like this.

Dinajpur Ramadan Timings 2021

Dinajpur Ramadan Timings 2021

Do you know, Bangladesh Islamic Foundation Authority has been published Ramadan 2021 Timings for Dinajpur District? If you don’t have any idea about this, so don’t worry! There are huge numbers of people who also do not know about this. However, you can get the basic dates from the following table.

Event Name:Ramadan
Ramadan Start Date:14 April 2021
End Date:After 29 or 30 Days

So, you may understand that this year Ramadan Fasting will start on 14 April 2021 for Dinajpur District. So Ramadan First Day is 14 April 2021 as per the Bangladesh Islamic Foundation Time-Table.

Dinajpur District Ramzan Calendar 2021 Download

In Bangladesh, Ramadan in also called Ramzan or Romzan Month. Resident of Dinajpur also the same. They will be searching in the internet to Download Romzan Month Calendar for Dinajpur District. If you also one of them, so you will get the calendar as a pdf and image file.

In addition, we have also downloading option that we have already included here. Anyone can download it easily by clicking the download button. The downloading process will start and complete within a few seconds. But it will depend on Internet Speed. However, let’s Download Ramadan Calendar 2021 PDF for Dinajpur District.

First 10 Days of Holy Ramadan

RAMADANSehri TimeIftar Time
Day 1: 13 April 202104:25 AM6:29 PM
Day 2: 14 April 202104:24 AM6:29 PM
Day 3: 15 April 202104:23 AM6:30 PM
Day 4: 16 April 202104:22 AM6:30 PM
Day 5: 17 April 202104:20 AM6:30 PM
Day 6: 18 April 202104:19 AM6:31 PM
Day 7: 19 April 202104:18 AM6:31 PM
Day 8: 20 April 202104:17 AM6:32 PM
Day 9: 21 April 202104:16 AM6:32 PM
Day 10: 22 April 202104:15 AM6:33 PM

Seconds 10 Days

Day 1104:14 AM6:33 PM23 April 2021
Day 1204:13 AM6:34 PM24 April 2021
Day 1304:12 AM6:34 PM25 April 2021
Day 1404:11 AM6:35 PM26 April 2021
Day 1504:10 AM6:35 PM27 April 2021
Day 1604:09 AM6:36 PM28 April 2021
Day 1704:08 AM6:36 PM29 April 2021
Day 1804:07 AM6:37 PM30 April 2021
Day 1904:06 AM6:37 PM01 May 2021
Day 2004:05 AM6:38 PM02 May 2021

Third 10 Days

Day 2204:03 AM6:39 PM04 May 2021
Day 2304:02 AM6:40 PM05 May 2021
Day 2404:01 AM6:40 PM06 May 2021
Day 2504:00 AM6:41 PM07 May 2021
Day 2603:59 AM6:41 PM08 May 2021
Day 2703:59 AM6:42 PM09 May 2021
Day 2803:58 AM6:42 PM10 May 2021
Day 2903:57 AM6:43 PM11 May 2021
Day 3003:56 AM6:43 PM12 May 2021

Note: *Actual ramadan starting date depends on moon sightings

Today Sehri Time 2021 for Dinajpur District

Do you want to download only Sehri Time Table for Dinajpur District? Well, we also shared it through this article.

Iftar Time Today for Dinajpur

A few days ago, total 5 people (Who Lives in Dinajpur) asked us about Iftar Time for Dinajpur. So if your mind want to get the same thing, you are very lucky! Because you are entered in the perfect place. You can also get it from here.

About Dinajpur District:

Dinajpur (Bengali: দিনাজপুর [dinad͡ʒpur]) is a city and the District headquarters of Dinajpur district. This District situated Rangpur Division, Bangladesh. It was founded in 1786. It is located 413 km northwest of Dhaka in Bangladesh.


So, that’s was all about Dinajpur Ramadan Timings 2021 article. We hope you are succeed to download the Ramadan Calendar from our website. If you have any question, so please notify us using the comment box below. We will try to reply to you very soon.

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