Barguna Taltoli Girl Video Link Viral on Social Media

Barguna Taltoli Girl Video Link Viral on Social Media as a class 8th girl video shared by someone on March 9, 2023.

As per the report, the girl belong from Borguna Taltoli studying at Class 8 whose video shared on social media platform. It is claimed that, her so called boyfriend do this dirty thing. After that, the video went viral across the country.

When Borguna Taltoli Girl Viral Video Link shared on social media, her mother committed suicide on yesterday, March 10, 2023.

Saturday evening (March 11, 2023), victim and her father complained for this. Before that day, her mother Josna Begum committed suicide by drinking acid water.

Meanwhile, a lot of people are searching online for the link of Barguna Taltoli Girl Viral Video.

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